ANOTHER entry… wow.

“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

The sun is out for another brief visit. Hurray!

Well, last night the Ki Society was having their annual Dojo Cleaning Day (evening), so there was not any actual classes going on. All my waiting was in vain, except for the fact that I was able to knock out an entry while I waited, so there’s that. I will go again on January 3rd.

I have my acupuncture appointment today at 2pm, which comes with a mini massage. I’m hoping to get out with my friend Amy for coffee on Saturday or Sunday.

We got the Christmas tree all decorated last night and it looks lovely. Today is the experiment to see how Dylan does with presents under the tree. He is a paper NUT, so I’m not feeling super optimistic. We shall see!

I’m being pushed out the door to go deliver presents so i can come back to the office and we can be sent home…. odd thinking. That’s my boss. go figure.

more later maybe.


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