Monthly Archives: June 2006

What a crazy busy day! Trying to get everything done that I can before I leave on vacation.

John surprised me by showing up at my office to see if i was available for lunch, which i was, so that was nice. Just went to Taco Bell, but it was the fact that he thought of it and acted upon it. 😀

Tomorrow starts our vacation! Thank God! Friday til the next Sunday! 10 Days!! I am sooooo looking forward to having so many days in a row off work and with John and not having any kids!!!  I am also looking forward to spending time in Carmel and seeing my aunt Mary and cousin Nate and his gf Kalindi. Not sure what all we will do, kind of playing it by ear. Mom is staying at our house to take care of the cats. Hope that goes alright. I’m putting post it notes all over the house so she will not get too confused.


Help me get away from myself

Xanax does amazing things to your brain… besides it’s either that or start drinking heavily.