Monthly Archives: March 2010


Life is pretty good. Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy have begun a change that I didn’t actually think was possible. Reprogramming the unconscious brain makes a huge difference to the conscious brain, . . . who knew? I didn’t believe it would make much difference, but it really has. I thought “this is silly”, but my sleep doctor strongly recommended I give it a try, and she was right. I’m feeling much, much, much better.

Now, if only I could stay home all day every day. If I could do my work from home, I might even like my job. I don’t so much dislike my job as I don’t want to leave home. I want to stay home with my puppies and my kitty and play nice music and enjoy the feeling of being home and being me. I have far more responsibility in my job than I ever wanted, and I get interrupted constantly so getting things done is a challenge. I guess that is the outcome I should be looking for…  how I can work from home and still make enough income to adequately contribute to the family expenses.

I’ll be running that through my “outcome frame” and see what I come up with as an action plan. 🙂