Monthly Archives: July 2006

Why is it so hard to write when one is not in misery? or madly in love?  Do I stop having an internal dialogue with myself? No. Do I stop having anything to say? Surely not. Maybe I just don’t need to pour out anything but the venting and the excitement.

Another day goes by, no time to post, not busy at work, just busy catching up on life after being sick for a week.
Small Updates:
Nigel kitty is buried in the front yard on the berm. I miss him so much.

WOW News:
We took down Nefarion first try last night woot!
Caille is now 51.5…. takes so long to level 😦

and time to go…


My heart is broken because my big baby boy Nigel, my beloved giant of a cat, passed away this weekend, July 15, 2006. I spent two days crying, and today (monday) i have already cried at least 2 times about it. We just didn’t see it coming. Nigel was going to live to be OLD! He was gonna be a 18 year old cranky but loveable cat who always wanted a belly rub, and always ready to give you a head butt.  Instead, he is gone and I don’t have anything more than memories to hold onto and he was such an important and wonderful part of my life.

Nigel, I love you so much and it hurts so much to see you go!!!!