Coping strategies and better days

There was sun today! When I left my doctor’s office, I stood outside with my eyes closed and my face turned up toward the sun for about 5 minutes. It felt great. Tomorrow I have an acupuncture / massage appt downstairs from my office. Tonight I am going to an introductory class at the Oregon Ki Society.

I am interested in the Ki exercises and breathing most. Maybe I will try the Ki-Aikido if I get started and like it. For now, just Ki classes. Stress reduction. Yes please, and thank you. Did I mention that the classes are held in the building next door to my office and across the street from my school? I sure do like convenience like that. There is a Thursday night class at 7pm every week, and in a few weeks when I start up my classes again, I’ll be across the street until 6:45 anyhow. May as well come pop over here for an hour of learning to harness my energy, right? The difference between coming home an hour later and being out of the house an extra night per week (if i came a different night) is huge. I’ll take the slightly longer day.

I am currently sitting in my car in the parking lot at the Ki class and using my schools wi-fi connection to be online. Gotta love that. I was going to hang out in the library, but though my school is open and faculty are there, the library is dark and shut. Sad panda. On the plus side, I took the moment to run upstairs and check my mailbox for my paper that I was agonizing over. My professor thought it was great and I feel good about that. We didn’t get a grade on them… reflective papers I guess don’t get grades? Anyway, I’m sure I got an A in the class. Here is what my professor wrote on my paper to me: “Thanks for putting so much of yourself into this project Sandi. It shows… and may God bring your vision to pass.”

Oh hey, people are starting to show up here! Awesome! I guess I’ll go inside and see what it’s all about.


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