We watched a lot of movies / tv series this holiday season. I’ve already forgotten half of them. However, in an effort to remember these kinds of things, here is a partial list:

  1. The Tin Man – Sci-Fi channel re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz. I loved it. It wasn’t GOOD, but I loved it anyway. Just my kind of thing!
  2. Alien vs. Predator – I have no idea how I ended up watching this movie, but I did watch while I played my game on my laptop and actually enjoyed it for the camp factor. Predator totally kicks Alien’s ass by the way.
  3. The Road to Wellville – a strange, disturbing, smart satire that I didn’t really like in pretty much any way, but I suppose I’m kind of glad to have seen it.
  4. The Baron of Munchausen – a strange, strange movie that I thoroughly disliked the first time I saw it because I was so confused, and this time halfway enjoyed. Go figure.
  5. The Kingdom of Heaven – great stuff there. Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, medieval sword fighting, what’s not to like? Well, the enormous amount of blood gushing about wasn’t very likable, but otherwise, quite enjoyable.
  6. Jericho – tv series that is apparently returning to the airwaves in February. Kind of good, kind of bad. Scenario is great. Nuclear bombs have wiped out several major cities in the US, including of course the government seats. Let’s see what happens in one small town (Jericho) far enough outside the blast zone to have survived. And, who is responsible for the nuclear strikes? China? Russia? Iran? Korea? USA? Time will tell.
  7. X-Files – first season. Gotta love the x-files don’t ya know? I mean, if you are a fan of the paranormal anyhow.
  8. Fracture – not impressed
  9. Firefly – TV Series. Haven’t yet seen the movie. LOVE IT! I would describe it as: Outlaws in Space. Fun, fun, fun. Great dialogue!



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