Would you like a side of O.J. with that?

The O.J. Simpson “Side Show” is back, as reported on by CNN. I believe that it’s not really a question in the public’s mind of whether he’s actually guilty of this rather minor (in the full scheme of things), petty act of robbery of his own sports memorabilia. (He says it was stolen, they say it was purchased. He says he was getting it back, they say they were kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint.) Does it matter? Do we care? The “victims” involved have criminal historys of larceny, arson, stalking, etc. They have it all on audiotape from the hotel room where the meet-up was held.  (And seriously, why the hell wouldn’t they use videotape if they were worried in the first place??)

I believe that the general public doesn’t give a crap whether he’s guilty or not. They (we) believe he got away with murder in 1994/1995! I think the general public just wants to see O.J. found guilty, to see him serving time because HE’S DUE.  I remember watching the verdict being read in 1995. I worked in an office with no TV (normal i think.) and everyone from the four offices on our floor was huddled around this little 13-inch TV in one of our neighboring offices to see the end of this debacle. The shock on everyone’s faces and the cries of “NO WAY” echoed down the hall as the verdict came in “Not Guilty”. 100% of us thought he was guilty. I read a poll on CNN about “do you think OJ is guilty of this (new) crime” and some huge majority said yes…. in the 80-20% range. My supposition is that most of the 80ish % that said yes, DON’T KNOW, DON’T CARE, and HAVEN’T EVEN LOOKED INTO THE EVIDENCE for this crime, because those 80ish% believe he was guilty of murder and got away with it because he had enough money to buy his way out, and they want him to do some time. In fact, I’m sure plenty of them want him to get tossed in prison with a life sentence, and some others want him to see the downside to the death penalty. (The downside being the dead side). Actions have consequences, and evil actions have harsh punishments. The point is, they want him to stop getting away without a penance and see him be punished.

I know I do! Now, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to say that God will judge him, and it’s not our duty or our business to judge him. But, I think human nature is judgmental, even when we try not to be that way. My first reaction was “YEAH! GIVE HIM THE AXE!!!”

So, what about you? What’s your opinion?


9 responses to “Would you like a side of O.J. with that?

  • Circus_of_Redemption

    First off, I like the new layout. I felt happier just seeing such pretty colors!
    Secondly, I think OJ is facing the same thing as Paris Hilton. People are sick to death of them and have already condemned them to lives of immoral or just plain “jerk-ish” behavior. I think people just want to see him go to jail for SOMETHING.
    And, if the evidence is there, I say go for it.

  • Antonius_Bloch

    do you watch the daily show?  because Jon Stewart had an absolutely fantastic piece about it the other day.  then, at the end of the show, they sometimes play newsclips in their credits, and the newsclips were from various stations with the news anchors going on about “why do people like OJ so much?  we do we have to cover it?” etc.  then one says, “you almost wonder if there’s some real news going on somewhere while we’re covering this” and it cuts to footage of hillary clinton announcing her health care plan.  priceless.  

  • Chicken_Pax

    Woa! LOOOOOVE the new digs. Beautiful colors. Very nice!I think he was probably guilty of the 1990s murders but I didn’t know all the facts, and didn’t follow the trial in significant depth. He was acquitted. I don’t have to trust him or like him, but it’s legally decided. Also, he is a has-been athlete and minor actor, so why should I have any feelings about this? And this Vegas stuff is some bizarre, not-thought-out thuggery, and I suppose the weapons charge will be the most severe. Still, not national news (then, or now). It says very bad things about our popular culture and news media that more than a few minutes of national media time have spent on this. 😦

  • curtin_severn

    um, i don’t give enough of a shit to actually read anything about it.  including your blog.  (!!)the thermostat broke in my car.  but my friend helped me and is going to replace it.all will be well. eventually.

  • curtin_severn

    i like you!  i just don’t like oj simpson.  he is the meanie head, sandra!

  • aledawithwings

    I was delighted, honestly. It’s like he thought he made a fool of every one and has been living like we’re all idiots ever since! It bothered me. I cheered, to be honest, when they said they got him for something.

  • breathelectric

    Although I have given very little thought to the whole thing… I’d bet you’re right about everyone just pretty much wanting him to pay for what we all believe he did so long ago.
    Great site… your story about your ex sounds a lot like the absurdity that I went through with my first husband.  It’s very hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re in that situation.  Praise God that you are out and have the opportunity for health and someone to treat you well.  Good luck with everything…

  • five11nation

    OJ should have left it all on the football field… because other than loving to watch him play in the NFL (when I was a kid) — along with enjoying the old Hertz commercials and viewing the bit roles in the Leslie Nielsen movies — he has disappointed, angered, and annoyed me to the point of where I now consider him irrelevant… in regards to him in the news.

  • Yohan1969

    I hope he is put away for a long time 🙂

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