You Changed Everything
(A song to Jesus)

I wasn’t raised to think this way,
Was taught to question every day.
Every thought and every notion,
Every undefined emotion.
But then You came, and changed my tune
You lived in me, and made me new.

You bring me joy, You bring me peace,
You bring my body to my knees,
You came to me, You called my name
You lifted up my voice in praise.
You are the earth, You are the sun,
You are the sky, the Holy one.
You are the song, You are the day,
You are the night, You are the Way.
God, you came and made me sing,
Jesus, You changed everything.

My teachers were so scientific,
Every thing must be specific.
For everything I ever heard
There must be proof, not just your word.
But then You came, and changed the rules
You were in me, and I could choose.


Choose to believe or choose to doubt,
Take their word, or throw it out.
Change my heart and change my ways,
A leap of faith, a joyous praise.
Where once my life seemed meaningless,
You changed my life, and now it’s blessed.


For those who can’t see You in me,
I know they think I’ve gone crazy.
“God is for the stupid masses,
Those who cannot pass their classes.”
But You chose me to spread your news
and I am speaking out for You.


© 2007 Sandra Adams


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