Seen on the road in Wilsonville yesterday:

Red truck in the right turn lane (onto freeway) sitting at a busy intersection with a red light. When all the cross traffic had passed, the driver made a U-Turn in front of the other two lanes going his direction, and around the lane divider to go the opposite direction, barely making it before the light turned green. Heads in every other car around me: Turned to watch him with mouths agape.

That has got to be one of the ballsiest things I have ever seen! At least driving down a road the wrong way is usually a mistake. This was sheer lunacy. U-Turns aren’t even legal in Oregon unless there is a sign specifically allowing them. And I’m pretty sure cutting in front of two lanes of cars to get into one of the other two busy lanes going the other direction is severely frowned upon. Just a guess mind you.


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