• John loves his new job!
  • I’m being kept busy at work… good and bad sides to that.
  • We had a BBQ this weekend, and I had blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream. I didn’t beat myself up about it, but I am sure I could have done without it.  Then I had a piece for breakfast (sans ice cream) which was completely unnecessary and i regret. I had lost 2 pounds from Wed night to Saturday morning, but  the last two days I register up a pound. Sigh. I didn’t bother looking this morning. It’s weigh in day.
  • In one of those funny quirks of life, John was put in the municipal division of his new company. I work for a civil engineering firm that works for municipalities only. He will be designing pumps primarily for water and wastewater treatment and management.. We design water and wastewater treatment facilities and designing includes deciding what kind of pump is needed. Go figure! I never thought my life would converge upon sewage . In retrospect however…. let’s just say my childhood was not idyllic.
  • How hard is it to keep your mouth shut and let your children make their own mistakes? Really hard. How easy is it to try to rescue them? Really easy. How much do you have to let go and let them live? All the way. How much will they resent you if you don’t? Good question, but I’m not going to find out. Loving someone with your hands wide open for them to move about freely is difficult. I had to learn to do it with their dad, I can do it again. But the lion roars inside.



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