well, shoot…

I haven’t posted for a week. How lame is that? Answer: very lame. I weighed in last night and had lost .6 lbs which might have frustrated me, but then I realized that last week I missed the 10 lb. mark by .6 lb, so instead I found it very humorous. OK God, you’re right, I DID ask for that .6 lbs last week, didn’t I? Careful what you ask for, and how you ask. So God, this week I’m really hoping for losing 2 lbs. Think you can help me with that? I sure hope so. (Amen!)

Last week, in my favorite computer game (World of Warcraft), I met a group of friends and they invited me to join them on a quest. OK thanks! I told them I’d seen their guild tag around “town” (somewhat equivalent to saying “Oh yeah, I know you, I’ve seen your family around town”), and thanks for the party invite. (A group of 5 people or less in the game is called a party.) When we finished I asked if they’d like to keep going since I could see we had many of the same quests. There was a long pause. So I said not continuing was fine too. Finally, one of them says “sure, let’s do that, maybe some of these harder ones.” Sounds good to me.  The other one asked me a short time later for my sex and age, and that they ask everyone, not just me. Ok, well I’m a 41 year old woman. “Oh cool! I’m 36 and so-and-so is my boyfriend, and other-so-and-so is my 31 year old sister.”  Alright, good enough, it’s nice to know when you are playing with adults vs. children.

In the next couple of hours, in response to several questions and/or situations, she and I said the same things. Sometimes exactly the same thing. By the end of the night we were cracking up laughing and decided we were two peas in a pod, just alike. So now we call each other podling, seeing as we’re pod people and all. I’ve played with one or all of them every day since we met up and I’ve been invited to join their guild. At this point, I’m still with my old familiar guild. What if the honeymoon ends and instead of making each other crack up, we make each other pissed off? That kind of stuff worries me.

She reminds me of myself when I was younger. Not 36, but maybe when I was 30-32.  Lots of cussing and a big-bad attitude, put on more for fun than for real. I hate to say this, but she reminds me of me before I got together with my husband, before I had a unsettling religious experience and became a Christian. What’s up with that?? Some of it is simply age and settling down. Some of it is from the Christian culture.

I’ve looked at her myspace page. I can’t say we have tons in common today, but we seem to think very similarly. As she put it to her boyfriend, “See, she gets me!”  She’s right, we “get” each other. Maybe that’s more important than having lots in common? We laugh so much it’s a treat, one I haven’t had in a long time. It’s been many years since I’ve had a friend that I routinely get the giggles with, laughing til tears are coming out of our eyes and we can’t breathe. Much like being around a couple of 12-14 year old girls. “Nothing is THAT funny” i’m thinking when I hear my daughter and her friends get the giggles.  Oh YES, there IS, I forgot!

She lives in Texas. I wish I had more friends like that around here. Hear that Melissa?! 😉



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