The Last Two Weeks…

There is far far too much to talk about and I don’t have the time to tell it all properly. Reader’s Digest version commencing:

1. We moved two days before Christmas and I love my new house! Christmas was rather chaotic what with not being able to find much of anything in my house but it all worked out. I made four treasure hunts/scavenger hunts for my kids that hopefully made getting money and very small gifts more interesting and fun than opening one envelope or one box. I worked on them for hours Christmas eve and got up early on Christmas day to hide all the clues.

1a. I had quite a bit of family in town for the Christmas week and I only got to spend a small amount of time with them on Christmas morning amid the chaos of 17 people in a house trying to open presents. This makes me sad. And, none of them got to see my new house. 😦

2. I finally started playing my Kingdom Hearts 2 playstation game that my husband gave me for my birthday… in April… oops. It’s quite entertaining and allows me to sit on the couch with my husband instead of isolating at the computer desk. 

3. We got Comcast digital cable including On-Demand TV and DVR capability. I’ve watched more TV in the last two weeks than I’ve probably watched in the last two years. HGTV, TLC, the Discovery channel at my fingertips! Wahoo! I’m SUCH a sucker for tv that teaches me something.

4. New Years Eve was fun. We went to our friends’ house and ate and drank and played games until Midnight, watched the crystal ball drop (wth is that about anyway? and it’s time for Dick Clark to retire… he’s so hard to comprehend…. kudos to him for his rehabbing from his stroke, but c’mon!), watched some fireworks, and then came home. It was nice to not be drunk. It was even nicer to wake up the next morning feeling fine.

5. New Years Eve being on a Sunday means church and it was a strange service. The Jr. High Youth Pastor gave the sermon and he’s a little out there. Nice guy, great guy, but hard to follow where he was going. Something about dark days in our past not determining our future, and God giving us another chance as many times as we need….I think. Had I known it wouldn’t be Pastor James I honestly would have preferred to stay home. On the other hand we ran into our best friends, whom we had not seen for a few weeks, so that was nice.

6. I failed to make any resolutions this year. Mostly because I never keep them anyway, so why bother. Lose weight, start exercising, eat healthier, blah, blah, blah. I know! I resolve to unpack all the boxes from our move instead of leaving them in the garage unopened. (Except the ones that were planned for that.) I should be able to handle that. I resolve to try to be more patient with people. I might be able to handle that…


8 responses to “The Last Two Weeks…

  • Anonymous

    I confess, I didn’t go to church on Sunday. I think I used the fact that it was New Years Eve (What?!? Church on NEW YEARS EVE?!?! (LOL!)). I did wake up the next morning feeling fine though, which I agree was nice.

  • Carpus06

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I played with the idea of posting it or not as currently, bar one, all my readers are American *laughs* I knew if I put it out there, I was likely to shoot myself in the proverbial foot, but as often happens, my anger got the better of me and I proclaimed ”Sod it!” before submitting it and bracing myself for a barrage of angry comments but so far, I’ve been lucky. Your feedback is appreciated.
    I too went to bed sober New Year’s Eve. Great to wake up at the start of a new year with a clear head, huh? Take care and a Happy New Year to you too!

  • tree25

    glad to hear you’re in the new house, finally, and that Christmas went well! pictures? and congrats on a sober New Year’s Eve ~ mine was too, and i liked it that way

  • curtin_severn

    seriously, what is up with not being hungover on new year’s day? apparently it is all the rage. i love it. my sugar is out of towne for grad school. it is a low residency program on the east coast that requires the students come for two weeks every term for intense workshopping, seminarring, etc. (i make up words.)

  • RegularGoy

    My NYE was most certainly not sober, but I drank lots of water and felt OK in the morning. Little trick I picked up in seminary.

  • RegularGoy

    RYC: My first thought when I heard Neko the first time was that she reminded me of Patsy Cline. My favorite of her songs: “I Wish I Was the Moon.” It’s always the closer when I make alt-country playlists.
    I sent you a gmail chat invitation. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

  • curtin_severn

    you are going to love this: i met my partner at annie bloom’s bookstore. no shit. never saw her before in my life until i went into the bookstore to find a particular calander that i had been eyeing. and the rest of my life began….

  • Carpus06

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the book recommendations, they are duly noted. Have a great weekend.

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