Random thoughts and items

Groggy Monday morning.

On the list of “words you should add to your auto-correct list” at work, please add the following:
1. Pubic: I will most likely never have the occasion to type the word pubic at work, but I type the word “public” all the time. We do work for public municipalities mostly.
2. Pimp: Today I was typing the words piping and pump for a project and it wasn’t long before my tired fingers input “pimp” and my tired eyes missed it until the re-read. Oooops!

This week is my husband’s last week working at the jobsite he’s been at for a few months now, so he’ll be home every night again. Possibly more importantly he’ll be home every morning to help me wake up on time. Hurray!

Oregon has entered its 3 months of rain, wherein we no longer see the sun. Oregon is the first place I’ve ever lived that had traffic jams listed as being caused by “bright sunlight” instead of only from rain and accidents.



6 responses to “Random thoughts and items

  • Carpus06

    Had to smile at your words for auto correction. I don’t use a computer for work but my fingers move way too fast across the keys for my brain to comprehend sometimes and I make similar, amusing typos…like the time I entered a chat room and was asked by regulars how my day had gone. When I told them it had been rather busty (instead of busy) the whole room erupted with LOL’s *shakes head and smiles at the memory* 3 months of rain huh? Sounds like the UK in Spring. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  • RegularGoy

    Another (albeit less preventable) auto-correct error, from a church bulletin in Oklahoma:
    “Lord Jehovah resigns in majesty.”
    I love that. God tenders his resignation, on a Sunday morning no less.
    RYC: it’s a holdover of our “angel of the hearth” idea. Men are supposed to go out into the world and sin a bit. Women are supposed to stay home and be pure enough for both of them.

  • eyemachine

    um yeah. basically I never post.

  • Spying_Mom

    Wow! Already been that long since hubby statred that job! AWESOME! Yu survived it! LOL I was worried in the beginning
    I am a crappy typer so I am more surprised when there aren’t typos…ha ha ha !

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