Getting… OLD,
or out of shape;
both really.

Spent about 6 hours yesterday painting bedrooms in the new house. The ceilings are the killers. Now that my ceiling is done, I’m glad, but had I known how much my back would hurt afterwards, I might have skipped it. I don’t know.

Anyway, I can hardly move, and today we still get to put on a second coat! Yippee! :*(
Fortunately, I made sure the ceiling wouldn’t NEED a second coat and so it should be simple enough just to paint walls.

Our master bedroom is now a gorgeous chocolate brown on the walls and ceiling, but one wall will be a dark burgundy. It’s really not an enourmously different color as far as I can tell now, but it’s not on the wall yet. Also I’m going to paint the trim in the burgundy. Last night after it got dark and I was finishing up by lamp light I could see I was getting exactly the effect I wanted. I think it will look very romantic with our wrought-iron (look) canopy bed with it’s creamy colored drapings on the corners. (I might have to invest in a new comforter cover to match it. Right now the colors we have aren’t so much compatible.) Overall it’s really warm and cozy and inviting. Not bright and airy. I’m all for bright and airy, but not in the room I want to sleep in. Besides, we have a sliding glass door in our room to the back deck. If I want light all I have to do is open the blinds and there will be plenty.


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