What a letdown…. Claudia was a very nice Hispanic woman, but I don’t speak a lick of Spanish beyond the basics. I actually took Italian in college! Then, we tried to do a hair style like one i found in a book there, but i forgot that the hair on my neckline was no way in hell going to lay flat on my neck and do a little flippy at the bottom, the hair on my neckline grows upwards basically…. i have cowlicks all over the place. So my bob looks fine, but the part that was supposed to be a little longer and flippy at the back just looks like it was missed in the cut. It sounds weird but the picture was super cute and I would have been happy for it to look like that. Alas, that is not gonna happen. I’m going back on Saturday for some highlights and I’ll have her trim it up to match the bob all around. Kind of an inverted bob. I think I’m going back anyway… i’m kind of torn. It wasn’t at all the type of place I usually go to, on the other hand, the prices were a lot more reasonable. As soon as she asked me if I wanted my hair washed I knew all was not right in my world. Of COURSE I want my hair washed, that’s part of getting a hair cut lady. The rave reviews on citysearch clearly were in reference to a previous incarnation OR their expectations were very low. I shall have to put my own out there. She was nice, she didn’t do a bad job, but she didn’t do a great job either. Thus, I’m a little scared about having her put highlights in my hair. We’ll see.

I will try to get a picture to post later.

In other news I’m literally falling asleep at my desk. I’m seeing double. This can’t be good.


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  • RegularGoy

    I would love to be able to speak Italian. My mother’s maiden name is Vito. If I age half as well as her half of the family has, I’ll do very nicely for myself.

  • Spying_Mom

    <~~Italian Girl
    Sorry the haircut didn’t  come out like you had hoped. I got mine cut last week…I am not too pleased either
    You’re falling asleep becasue you can’t chat with me today….BAH! JK ( get that IM fixed lady)

  • heatheranastasiu

    This is one reason I started cutting my hair myself – the ability to constantly change and cut it until it is closest to what I want (though this does involve lots of of arm & hand-mirror acrobatics to see the back of my head and cut at the same time.  I just had too many disappointing haircuts and decided to go rogue.  It was very freeing for me, but then again, I kind of like a ragged, uneven look, and sometimes it’s just more about the art of it than actually having super-presentable hair 🙂

  • heatheranastasiu

    What?  You want objectivity?  J  Yes, I agree that my last post wasn’t the most objective.  It fell more in the camp of ‘bitchy Heather wants to rant’.  I have some friends from college who are committed Christians whom I respect (well, a very few).  And college is kind of a super-idealized time in many ways, so it only makes sense that it would be also faith-wise.  It’s just been my experience that a lot of people who were super waa-hoo Christians couldn’t transfer their faith very well into the real world – it tended to take either two paths – either they lost thier faith completely, or they insulated themselves within the Christian sub-culture so they didn’t have to deal with the outside world much.  Okay, again, that’s kind of a cynical overgeneralization J .  But I guess, like I said, that’s been my experience.  I’d love to find Christians who love Christ that I can also respect.  We’ve looked for a church that we can feel even remotely at home in.  Maybe it’s the fact that we live in Texas, so they are all super conservative Southern baptist types (even the ones that aren’t southern baptist).  I know real people who are at the same time Christians do in fact exist (as I have at at least met via blog), but I just can’t find any around me to fellowship with or find encouragement from!  Without a church, we aren’t doing well, but what are you gonna do, ya know?  We can’t go to a church where we don’t respect the leadership.

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