Well, i took the plunge and have a hair appt at 5:30 today with Claudia. (Pronounced Cloudya) She has the same accent as my college roommate Claudia from Torino did, so I shall ask her if she’s from Torino and maybe score big points. Of course, what if Torino is like some rival city? >.<

Imagine scenario like this:
Claudia: “This stupid American lady thinks I’m from Torino? Che putta! I will show her what I think of Torino!!”
Me: “Crap!! I just wanted 2 inches taken off, why am I bald?”

Preferred scenario:
Claudio: “Ah bella mia! Si, si, Torino! I will give you the best haircut ever!”
Me: “Ale’! Grazie mille! Molto lieto!”
and she will transform me! (well, one can wish).


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