My favorite Xanga sites are full of interesting and witty commentary, thoughtful reflection, eager hypothesizing about the future, and have an all-around high intelligence quotient….

This is not going to be one of those sites today.

The question before me: What to do with my hair? It’s currently below my shoulders, dark brown, and very fine textured. The texture leads it to look stringy a lot, because there is just NO body to it. I also get a lot of fly-aways and broken strands. I was growing it out mostly for the convenience of being able to put it in a ponytail, which is my way of saying “i just don’t care” i think. Anyhow, my husband has suddenly gotten rather insistent that I cut mine. That’s what I get for watching TLC’s “What Not To Wear” program with him. (I love that show btw, love it! Except for the fact that I increasingly resemble the people on the show at the beginning of the show and not how they are at the end.) The makeovers are so incredible and clearly he thinks I’m due for one.

I’m all for the idea of looking nice for my husband, but I’m rather inherently lazy. This means I usually don’t like to style my hair, wear makeup, or dress in confining clothing.  In the morning I can usually be found racing out the front door about 20 minutes after waking up, or less if I don’t have time to shower. (Mondays for instance.) In the evenings I can usually be found in my pajamas or sweats immediately upon arriving home. I used to do all those things but then he told me he liked me better without makeup, that he didn’t care what I did with my hair, and that I should dress comfortably. Hah, so you see, it’s actually his fault. Inherently lazy also means that I’m on the heavy side because exercising is something I pretty much hate to do, and ice cream is actually part of the food groups triangle, i think at the top…. kind of like a sundae with a cherry on the top (though I hate maraschino cherries, but they look cheerful, don’t they?).

Next problem, my hairdresser that I’ve been going to for years and years now is getting extremely difficult to get in to see without taking time off work. Taking time off work to get my hair cut is not really tenable because… well just because. I feel wrong about it. Besides, she works about a half-hour drive from my office, and my hair cut usually takes between half-hour and an hour of time. So, that’s two hours just to get a hair cut! Not workable for me generally. So, now I am thinking it’s time to find a new hairstylist. But, and I think most women will agree, having to find a new hairstylist borders on the pain of going swimsuit shopping… What if they SUCK?! And when you call a new salon and don’t have a specific name to ask for, they put you on the list for whoever is newest, and thus may totally screw up my hair. Thinnish fine hair shows every cut and a bad one is really obvious. The main reason I have an ‘i just don’t care’ attitude is that I’m actually quite vain, so if I give in to it, I pay far too much money to get my hair cut and colored just so, and it has to be an upscale salon. I’m a closet snob. That means I could have a very expensive, sucky hair cut while I’m looking for a new stylist. That prospect is not pleasant, because I probably won’t be able to throw it up into a ponytail at that point.

Third problem, finding a picture of a haircut that I like, that will work for my hair type, and that will complement my face shape and not make it look rounder. (More round?) Bangs? A bob? Short above my ears hair? A chin-length bob or a shoulder length bob? I need a picture because if I just describe what I want to a new hairstylist, the odds of coming out looking halfway decent drop dramatically. Apparently you have to use just the right words to describe things and I’m not “in the know” on the jargon. It would really help if I’d taken any pictures of hair cuts I’ve really liked in the past, but of course that would be too smart. Usually by the time I have a picture, the cut is grown out and not representative of what I want.

So, as you can see, I’m stuck at the deciding points of several decisions that should be inconsequential, but feel annoyingly important.

In other news, my realtor just called and I am now officially a homeowner!!! Wahoo! Too bad I can’t get in the house for four more days…  On the other hand, the act of not charging the seller any rent for the four days she will be in the house prior to our taking possession (my personal decision to show her grace) resulted in her giving us her china hutch that was in the house, because, we had been “so gracious to her”. So, chalk one up for grace and it’s effect on people! When we looked at the house and made an offer on it, I asked my realtor “find out if she’s interested in selling any of her furniture! I love it!” So, I’m pretty stoked about that. I would have been perfectly happy to move in to it fully furnished as far as the main rooms of the house were concerned.

I’m really excited about getting in there and doing some stuff like painting the bedrooms. I’m planning to go with some pretty dark colors in our room… chestnut brown, dark red, merlot, that kind of thing. Saturated colors. Warm, cozy, inviting colors. Soft lamp lighting instead of bright overhead lighting. Hurray for being able to change whatever you want as long as you can afford to do it!!

C’mon Saturday night!!! Get here faster!


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