The stepson’s algebra teacher called today and left a message on the home machine regarding “an incident” with him. I wonder what that means, and how much I really want to know….  called her back and left a message with my work number. I’d have given her DH’s number but he’s out doing his interview thing for the subcontracting job 2 hours away. Maybe this will prove my point that he needs PARENTING?!


I don’t usually watch much TV but I got sucked into couch mode for awhile this weekend with the DD and DH to watch “What Not To Wear”. That show cracks me up. God FORBID I ever get selected for it though. I mean, $5,000 for clothes and a week in NY with professionals telling me what works for me and what doesn’t, and having my hair and makeup sounds great, but NOT with it being broadcast for the whole country, thank you. Besides, I always wonder, what does the person who goes on there do when they are left with like… 5 outfits and no casual clothes, and what happens when something is ruined and they can’t afford to go buy another piece that works like that one on them, not to mention I’ll bet most of those things aren’t washable, so now they have to pay for dry cleaning. I can’t see how that would work for some of these people at all. But omigoodness, Stacy and Clinton are a riot! Snarrrrrky, but nice. I don’t want to be on the other end of their judgements!

Went through the wardrobe finally, as I’d been saying I was going to, in order to weed out more clothing that I’m either not going to fit into anytime in the near future, or stuff that I just don’t seem to wear for whatever reason. Some things are hard to part with for sure. Like, my gorgeous double-breasted suit in light beige wool crepe or whatever it is that is a size 12 P. I’m just not likely to see that number again for a long time, if ever. I passed it on to the DD in case she ever needs a nice suit for an interview. It looks great on her. But oh wow, saddening for me. And some clothing has some sentimental value, but seriously, that doesn’t mean I need to cart it around from house to house and have it taking up room in my closet. So, out go some more things. And the “but it’s such a great buy” stuff that just didn’t really work on me. I’ve ordered a few new items from Coldwater Creek (I love that store) including two patterned skirts and (unpatterned) tops to go with them, and a nice looking top that should look awesome with black pants or a skirt. Figured I’d better make a little room in the old overcrowded closet for them. Now I just hope they fit!

Went to Dream Dinners this weekend and made 20 meals, with help from DH, in 1.5 hours. w00t! That place just makes life so much simpler, as long as we can remember to take it out of the refrigerator to thaw >.< (squinchy face).

DH not very happy with me spending so much time on the computer playing my game, which is semi-hysterical to me, but mostly frustrating. Now that he’s pulled himself away from the computer after ohhh 7 years, it’s now not so okay for me. “So because I made a mistake for years about something, that makes it okay for you to do now?” was actually said to me. Uhhhhhh…. who are you again? You look familiar, but gee, you’ve spent the last 7 years spending 100% of your free time with your nose in the computer screen, I’m not certain who you are. Before he started playing games on the computer he was completely addicted to TV, and that seems to be happening again. What’s the difference? TV or Computer, it’s still a substitute for human interaction. I don’t care much for TV and I’m not used to him wanting me to be available. Now, I happen to like playing my game very much thank you, and since I don’t want to watch TV I’m going to continue playing it. Ask me to go for a walk, a cup of coffee, a drink, go out for a date, but not to watch TV, go see a movie, or drive with you to and from picking up kids that live 45 minutes away and I’ll get to listen to talk radio (which i hate) or the baseball game (not so bad) the whole way and endure an uncomfortable at best ride home because people are tired and cranky.

Where do we go from here?

Right now I’d like to curl up on my bed with my kitty and my down blankie and take a nice nap. I’m so tired and stressed. My adrenals are completely burned out.   I just need a break. A real one.  /cry.


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  • curtin_severn

    what is dream dinners? do tell!

  • going_under_effortlessly

    I sent you a message, but here it is in case someone else wonders.Dream Dinners is one of many new franchises that fall under the “Easy Meal Prep” classification. In my area alone there are 5 different franchises for this that I could get to in less than 10 minutes. Who knew there were so many people that would support these businesses? Anyway, they have a new menu each month and you pick how many of each meal you want and how many servings (depending on the place), and you pick a session time to attend. They order all the food, do all the chopping and such. You show up, go to each meal station that you signed up for, and assemble the meals according to the recipes posted there, and all the ingredients are right in front of you. Then you package them up in either foil pans, or gallon size bags, take them home and put them in the freezer. Most of them you have to thaw before cooking (so a little planning ahead), then cook em up and enjoy. We have not liked every single meal, but most of them are pretty darn good, with WAY more variety than I would ever come up with on my own. Because basically, I’m lazy and don’t dig cooking much. The meals tend to run approximately $3-4 per serving at almost all of these places, but they can vary alot if it’s a pasta dish or steak, understandably. If you look up Easy Meal Prep online there is a website of the “easy meal prep association” or something that lists all their members locations by state and city. Minimum orders are usually 6 meals with a fee for the session, or 12 meals (or more) with no fee for the session. I LOVE THE FACT THAT I DON’T HAVE TO CHOP A THING! 😀 Plus, they do all the cleanup. Too bad they don’t clean your kitchen too…

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