So, he’s going.  He’s going to be working a long ways away (i thought it was 2 hours but it’s more like 4)  from Monday until late Thursday, and come back for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, only to drive back down there on Monday early morning.

My adamant plea that the SS can’t stay in the house if I am going to be the only adult there falls on deaf and uncaring ears. If I feel that my safety is an issue than I can find other living arrangements for 3 nights a week. So much for having an equal say in things.

I feel absolutely and completely devalued. I’ve become less than a person I guess. Certainly less than a wife, an equal partner in this thing called marriage.

Today the SS reprogrammed a calculator at school that was going to be projected onto a screen on the wall for the whole class to look at. He changed “List One” to read “F U C K”.  Now isn’t that special? Yeah, that guy doesn’t need any parenting.

Speaking of that i just want to scream FUCK FUCK FUCK right now. And, I’m really not a swearer. Just sometimes it’s the only thing that expresses the fervor of my anger. I need a ton of Xanax and a lot of prayer.

I miss my big boy kitty. Desperately.  He was always good for some loving and comforting. I love you Nigey. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you!

/cry /cry /cry


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  • Spying_Mom

    OHH man! You definately need some extra prayers. This is a really tough spot DH has put you in, I am so sorry. I duuno what word of advice I can offer, you feel the way you feel (unsafe) and those feelings are justified by past situations. I cannot even imagine my hubby making such a decision without WWIII coming down on his ass.
    This is most definately an extremely difficult situation and unless it is absolutely financially necessary that he take this job, then he shouldn’t! I am mad for you honey. You are totally justified and I am sending my prayers your way
    Does the SS go to therapy?

  • eyemachine

    what I’m really angry about is that he got off scott-free. not even a week of no computer or anything. just… “oh if calling us is how your teacher wants to deal with it than whatever.” yeah, duh. she called so that you could do something.errrgghh.

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