Here Comes the Sun(set)

img_4038I’m sitting with my dad, in the (relative) quiet and stillness of his room, at the foster care home where he is in hospice, listening to him breathe. πŸƒ

The death rattle has begun. It’s alarming at first, to hear someone breathing through the terminal respiratory secretions; it sounds a bit like he’s gurgling or choking. Shortness of breath and rapid chest movement are also present. Signs of impending death, sadly. 🌺

However, he’s sleeping fairly peacefully, so I’m going to just BE here with him for a few hours, as he transitions into whatever comes next. πŸ›€

I hope he moves on to a marvelous adventure! I think it’s good that we don’t really know for sure what happens after this life we’ve been given. It allows me to dream big for him! πŸ’•


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