Goodbye Daddy

Update: my dad, Jim King, passed away tonight, a couple of hours after I left for the night. About a half hour ago.

I knew it would probably be tonight, so I left knowing it would be the last time I saw him, most likely.

It feels different than I expected.

He’s had dementia for awhile now, so he has been mostly gone for the last year or two. He still recognized me, even this week, but he hasn’t really been capable of conversation in a long time. Still, there is a suddenly empty feeling I didn’t expect.

A void in a spot I didn’t know was there. Only one of the people that brought me into the world is still here, and she doesn’t recognize me at all.

Anyway, for those that saw my previous post, I just wanted to update those people that wanted to know.

💕 Thanks for all the support you’ve been giving me at this time of difficult and stressful circumstances!


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