Apparently I don’t have much to say. Or I have too much and it seems too overwhelming to try and get it all down. One of those. I waffle between the two.

It’s a new year, time for new beginnings, blah blah blah. That’s the deal right? I’ve withdrawn from school, due to finances, mostly accidentally. I withdrew from my classes last term, and this term found out that since I hadn’t gone for a “leave of absence”, and hadn’t been enrolled for two terms (?? may classes or summer classes are a term included in this apparently since I was enrolled and finished Spring term.), so I’ve been re-allocated to withdrawn status. All I have to do to re-enroll is fill out a form for readmission, however, I don’t see being able to take a class this term either, so it seems moot. I may or may not try to re-enroll later, but I’m not sure.

I am working full time again as my supervisor got a new job, and I am now doing her job and mine. I’m crash-course learning accounting on the job. The first question every single person asks me is “So, do you get a raise?” or something along those lines. I agree, that’s my first question too.  When I asked this question of my bosses I got “Oh, hmmm, I hadn’t thought about it yet” from one, and “Not this month, but we’ll talk about it in the beginning of the year” from the other. The fact that I’m learning on the job did allow for my agreement that my regular pay would be sufficient for this month, even though I’m doing two people’s jobs and have vastly increased responsibility. I pointed this out and said that I did feel increased compensation would be necessary if I were to continue in the position.The fact that my company is in financial hardship is noted, but they also just saved a vast amount of money by losing one overpaid office manager / controller and not hiring a new one in her place. My pay is apparently $18k less per year than hers was. I know this since I am now doing the accounting and payroll, and have access to all of our financial information. Give me a break! We’ll see what happens. I’m cautiously optimistic, but more pessimistic about the tendency toward cheapskatedness that’s inherent in my bosses.  Either way, I’m planning to take a couple of short online courses in accounting fundamentals and QuickBooks. It can’t do anything but help, either there or the next job. Since I’ve been there for 6 1/2 years, hopefully it will be there. I like it overall.

What else? We got snowed in for several days just before Christmas, like much of the rest of the country, and that kind of put the kabosh on any last-minute Christmas shopping. Which, for me, meant NO Christmas Shopping. I had decided in August upon being told I would be working half time for the next month or two (or 10) that Christmas was cancelled. I never did quite get out of that mindset. Oh well. I got a beautiful pair of pj’s and the movie wall-e. That works for me. Although, I do have a hankering for getting things to pamper my puppy and kitty. Like, a big tall cat tree with lots of perches and things to play with. They are so expensive though!! Got my puppy a new bed and a raincoat. Yes, a raincoat. When it rains hard, he gets SOAKING wet and that hair of his just sucks it all in and drying him off is difficult, so…. a raincoat it is!

That’s it for now. I’m happy it’s the weekend. 🙂


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