I just talked to my stepmother, a phone call I was frankly frightened to make.

She says the initial doctor said it was bladder cancer, but they just got back from seeing the urologist who says that even though there is a sizable growth on the X-Ray, it hasn’t been biopsied yet, we don’t know it’s cancer, and the first doctor should not have been saying such a thing. (Not the normal doctor he sees.) So, I’m feeling a bit like I have been on one of those amusement park rides that just shakes you up and down and spins you around and at the end you are nauseous and stumbling.

She will now be going to all my dad’s appointments, similar to how i go to all my mom’s… because the right information doesn’t get transferred or conveyed, to the doctor or to the patient’s family.

I’m pissed off at the first doctor, and relieved that my dad isn’t sounding as inclined to give up just yet, and yet I’m still worried.

And, my sister is still in the dark. My stepmom will wait til they know something further.

I just want to sleep for awhile.



One response to “Update

  • weedorwildflower

    Wow. You are going through a lot right now. I will keep you in my prayers. It’s so hard to see our parents age, isn’t it? If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had three people in my life diagnosed with bladder cancer in the past year-one friend and two acquaintances. Two have completed treatment and are doing great; the other just started treatement. Anyway, don’t give up hope. And think of funny stories when everything gets overwhelming. đŸ™‚

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