Never Good Enough

That’s me. I should change my name: Ms. Never Good Enough.

You’ll note that the possible variations include Ms. Never Enough and Ms. Enough,
but never ever Ms. Good Enough.

Why am I never good enough? I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.

  1. Other people’s unrealistic expectations? maybe.
  2. My effort never reaching my ability to fulfill reasonable expectations? maybe.
  3. An actual lack of ability to fulfill reasonable expectations? maybe.

Daily I am judged and found wanting. Daily I am condemned for my lack of consistency. If I put forth my very best effort one day, then every other day I should be able to also put forth that same consistent effort.

Dear reader, what does this teach us? Never excel. Be mediocre in all things. You will be judged daily, and therefore must never stand out as exceptional, for that will become the new judgement criteria. Never allow yourself to care.

Also, never stand up for yourself, never fight back, never justify, never complain. Because, if you feel that way about being judged and found wanting, you might as well leave and go somewhere else. Leave everything behind and start new somewhere else.  Find someone new to judge you and find you wanting. There will always be someone more than happy to take on that role.

You will have to leave part of your heart behind, but I’m pretty sure they are growing new organs nowadays in labs. Just sign up for your nifty new heart now, get on that waiting list, there is probably going to be a run on them. God knows we break each others hearts enough to warrant a vast and urgent need for them.

Just remember for next time…  Don’t try. Don’t give your heart away. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t care.

Yours truly, Ms. Never G. Enough


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