My life has a messy side.

That is, to say, there is a lot of mess in my life. I quite like my part of life… I’m married to a man I love, I have the cutest little loving puppy, a loving kitty (when puppy isn’t around) a good job, I’m taking classes I really enjoy, I’m involved in a small group that is encouraging and challenging and trusting, and I have at least one stepchild that loves me.

It’s just that things all around me seem to be in perpetual chaos.

Currently I’m housebreaking the puppy, taking classes with challenging homework, refinancing the house, dealing with one child bent on apparent self-destruction, and another that I am afraid is putting her heart before her head and going backwards in life in order to be with the person she loves, and a husband that is depressed about his kids (understandably) and about his marriage, which isn’t as happy as he thinks it should be, or as intimate, or something. I don’t know. “If I knew what to tell you, I would, but I don’t.” So, I’m in the dark to a pretty good extent. He just stuffs everything inside.

Phone rang: The youngest has just been dropped off at her mom’s house “to live” because she won’t do what she’s supposed to do, lies about it, isn’t going to school, isn’t doing her homework, and when you ask her why: “I don’t know”. “I don’t care.” then, stonewall. So, her dad can’t deal with this attitude and she’s off to Mom’s for now. Whether he will actually pull her out of school here and make her stay there is hard to say.  Her mom sent the older one to live with us 3 years ago because she couldn’t handle her. Now we’re sending a different one back there because we can’t handle her? What a mess.

Well, it’s time for my small group. I have to go. Please pray for my husband John and for my kids, and for me. I think we all could use it.


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  • bethanythegreat

    that’s really hard to be in a situation where someone is unhappy, and you’re somehow involved in that, but it’s unspecific. i know if it was me my mind would be going every which way trying to figure out what the hell was going on. i will say a prayer for you and your husband and kids–lots of hard stuff. i hope you are able to see God intervene with love in these situations. peace, sister.

  • Antonius_Bloch

    sorry.  there’s nothing much else i can say.  *hugs*

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