Puppy has been a handful. He’s so great but yeah, housetraining sucks. Work has been busy, so I’ve made time tonight to catch up on every Xanga subscription I have. That took about an hour and a half.

Today at school we found that the vast majority of my seminary classmates are also sci-fi / fantasy fans of some sort. Everyone had their favorite flavor of Star Trek and definite views on a variety of sci-fi or fantasy movies and tv shows. I wonder what commonality brings seminary students to science fiction, or science fiction fans to seminary. The Great Unknown? Also there was a significant number of World of Warcraft players there which was interesting too. None of us played on the same server except the husband/wife team in one of my classes. I was kind of surprised by the WoW players.

Also, is it strange that I am pretty consistently drawn to hanging out with people in their late 20s and early 30s? I guess I think of myself as being that age still, even though I’m 41… I feel about ohhhh 28? 30? Something around there. Except that whole “my body is rebelling against me” thing. That feels like I’m about 50. or more.

My first paper is due next week. It’s a reflective paper, so it doesn’t require research, but it does require introspection. I’m a veteran at introspection and keeping a blog certainly helps me keep up on that, but I’m a little unsure about this paper. In any case, i should be writing that this week instead of blogging, so we’ll see if i have time to do both.

That’s all the time I’ve got for now. There’s lots more to say, but I need to get on to doing other things…  like laundry, and cleaning the kitchen, and eating a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, and snuggling with the pup!


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  • Chicken_Pax

    Good luck with new-born puppy and being-birthed paper. 🙂

  • aledawithwings

    Wow, I never would have pegged you as being in your fourth decade of life! You seem so young at heart and your picture is very youthful.
    Who knows, maybe it is because of your heart still feeling that age!

  • breathelectric

    You caught me!  I’m a former Flybaby trying to get back on the bandwagon of making my life run a lot more smoothly.  You? 

  • breathelectric

    ryc:  The Mexican place we found that we loved is Mazatlan, I know there is one in Hillsboro on TV Hwy and one in Beaverton on 185th… there might be more, but not sure.  A friend recommended them and we were not disappointed. 
    We have yet to find any Chinese food that we’re crazy about.  Husband likes Jin Wah in HIllsboro but I’m not a huge fan.  Let me know if you discover anywhere.  We rarely go for Chinese anymore… Sushi seems to be our main eating out meal… Mio Sushi is our local favorite for that…
    Hope you had a nice weekend! 

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