This One Goes to Eleven

So, yesterday I didn’t eat as much as I was supposed to eat. I waited until this morning to total all my points up because i was being lazy about going out to my car to get my list of food and their points, and it seemed like i had a ton to eat. But, as a matter of fact, I came up 3.5 points short. *snap!*

You’re not supposed to eat LESS than you should, nor MORE than you should. It’s an interesting balancing act. I actually purposely put a tbsp of butter into my chicken and rice last night because i needed the oil in my diet. Come to find out this morning that I don’t think butter actually counts as a “healthy oil”. *Snap!* again. It was only 1 pt. though, and as I said, I came up short on points anyway. It was very yummy by the way. Oil has to be a teaspoon of olive oil, canola oil, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed oil, and you have to have two a day, for the vitamin E and essential fatty acids it needs. (Something about cellular walls and such…) You can also get oils from fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. Two teaspoons of sunflowers a day? Do you think that counts? Cause, SIGN ME UP! I looked at the point count on pine nuts and had a pre-mature heart attack but probably in the amounts one normally eats pine nuts (as a garnish and not a snack) aren’t so bad.

Ah well…. speaking of food, it’s lunch time. See ya!


2 responses to “This One Goes to Eleven

  • Chicken_Pax

    I like the hat tip to Spinal Tap!
    Congratulations on the diet. You are doing an awesome job!
    Myself, I see a nutritionist next week. It begins…

  • aledawithwings

    LOL… eleven!I am thinking of trying weight watchers when I get back into a settled position. Is it difficult? I have diet plan ADD. I have effectively tried everything for atleast a week and have found them sadly wanting. Your thoughts on WW? I hear its a great plan….

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