Perhaps I should be committed?

I gots me a little pedometer from Weight Watchers(tm). It not only tells me how many steps i’ve walked or how many miles i’ve walked, it tells me how that activity translates into extra food points for me to eat. The first two weeks of WW you don’t get any activity points anyway, but by then I’ll know how much more i need to be moving around to gain a point or two.

So, right now it says I’ve walked 1,335 steps, or .35 miles just from walking around in my office and going to lunch. I’m guessing 1/2 of my steps were to and from the bathroom, so there ya go! More water = more exercise. How about that? I wouldn’t have ever thought of that. Heehee.

I’m signing up for the monthly pass with WW so I pay the least amount per meeting (just over $9) and i get to use all the eTools online for free. My husband and I also agreed (I told him I was getting it, he said good idea) that it makes the most sense for me to buy the electronic food scale that will help me control my portion sizes and points (400 foods preprogrammed in as to how many points for how much weight that food is), in order to make my weight loss journey more successful and less frustrating.

I am 100% committed to making my goal this time instead of quitting when I got bored of the food I could eat (Mentality = food should be delicious and i should have as much as i want). YOU READ IT HERE FOLKS! Accountability is key for me, because otherwise I’ll start to cheat myself when the novelty wears off.

I am guessing that it will take me almost a year to lose the weight, given inevitable plateaus and bad weeks. This means that by NEXT SUMMER, theoretically, I could be unabashedly wearing a bikini in front of other people. (This means Melissa is on the hook to cut off that saggy skin). Now, I know perfectly well it could also take me TWO years, or more, to lose this weight. It all depends on me, which is kind of nice. I can make or break my own success.

So, on my computer here at work i have a little sign for myself that says:
Make sure you use high octane!

So, if it isn’t healthy fuel for my body, I have no business eating it.
And really, isn’t it all about mindset? Learning not to view food as a comfort or reward system, but as a necessity for living, and the fact that i need FAR FAR less than my American brain has been trained to see as portions.

A couple of days ago I was less than thrilled about the impending change in my diet and my lifestyle. Today, I could hardly be more excited about all the changes I’m going to be making and seeing.  And, I swear to God that if I ever actually fit into a pants size 10, I’ll be dancing up on the catwalk again at Embers… alone! Because Baby, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! (I’ve never actually worn a size 10 pair of pants because by the time my stepmother took control of my clothing debacle I was already a size 11 juniors!)


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