Yesterday after work I fell down the stairs in my building. Not the entire staircase, but the last 3 stairs above the paving tile floor. My hands were full and everything went flying as I fell forward, not backwards. First of all, I think I’m damn lucky for not REALLY hurting myself. I left work a little late, and was laying on the floor wondering if i had broken my neck how long it would have taken someone to find me. Ironically that floor holds a naturopathic doctors office, a chiropractors office and an acupuncture and eastern medicine clinic, but no one was on their way in or out at 5:30 pm.

Today I go to the doctor’s at 2:30 to make sure nothing is really worse than I think, because my office says it has to be a worker’s comp claim since I was still on company business (taking the mail to the mailbox). That’s fine, i have a long list of minor complaints… bruises and abrations, a slightly twisted ankle. Nothing life threatening, or work interfering, just annoying.

Then, at 4pm I have a group interview at the Seminary I’m applying to attend. I couldn’t wear my normal work shoes with my ankle kinda hurting, so i’m wearing flip-flops. I’m sure that looks nice and professional.  I trust they won’t care as I’m applying to be a student and not a staff member.

Harry Potter film came out yesterday and this is the first one I haven’t gone to IMMEDIATELY. I don’t know if I’ll try to go this weekend or not. It’s not as if they can give away the ending… I’ve read the book 3 times. However, the new book comes out next week and I’m going to get it right away and then stay off the internet from the time i get it until the time i finish it, (generally one day) so that I won’t see any spoilers.  Bad enough I saw a tiny bit of a spoiler of LOST before I saw the finale, I’ll be really pissed if I see or hear a spoiler for this book!!

Ok, well, today lunch is being delivered to our office from Buster’s BBQ for my boss’s birthday, so I should probably get a couple of things done before then. Today is kind of a loss for work. I came in late due to my bruised and battered body, am having a long lunch likely for my boss’ birthday, then leaving for a doctor appt, coming back for maybe an hour or less, then going to my school interview across the street. 

Man I’m sore. Don’t try this at home kids, it hurts.


One response to “Falling

  • scuttlebutt7

    oh that’s aweful. I’m always so afraid of doing that. I trip over my own feet regularly and have broken my foot before while walking down stairs. I don’t like this story.

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