it’s too hot. moving makes me perspire. sleeping was difficult last night.
i would like to take a nap in my air-conditioned office even though it’s still too hot for me.
everyone else is fine. this makes me wonder about being pre-menopausal. God i hope not.
i have lots of work to do today, and no desire whatsoever to do it.
my eyes are crossing when i type. ugh.


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  • curtin_severn

    i figure if i just never get out of bed i will not get hot. just don’t move. i took scooty to her aunt’s @ 7am, came back home and went back to bed. i just got up again. i don’t know. i should do something. like watch law and order and eat something. (i ate three times yesterday.) my good girl side is planning on doing laundry and going grocery shopping today. she isn’t aware of how much conflict that is going to bring.

  • Circus_of_Redemption

    So many things to discuss:
    1) Harry Potter movie. I’m going on Sunday with my sister. Very excited.
    2) Harry Potter book. I’m excited but kind of sad at the same time. Don’t want it to end. I’m doing everything I can to avoid hearing spoilers. I hate knowing the ending.
    3) Patty Griffin is an amazing artist. I discovered her about a year ago and now she is hands down one of my favorite artists of all time.
    4) LOST. February!! February? Why would they do this to us? Why make us wait so long? Love that show.

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