Hangin’ Round, Talking To Myself

I guess I just have nothing much to say?

1. Played World of Warcraft all weekend, mostly pvp (player vs. player) in the battlegrounds in capture the flag games. Good times.
2. Tried to do nice things for my honey on Father’s Day.  Cleaned the garage, kitchen, etc.
3. Tried to hot tub…. first time TOO HOT, can’t get in, second time NICE, but not hot ENOUGH! ( I feel like Goldilocks) Will try again tonight or tomorrow.
4. Still obsessively playing Freecell….. why? I have no clue.
5. Started a new medication today that has possible side effects of nausea. Oh goody! So far, so good.
6. I’m tired. Would like nap NOW plz. kthxbai!
7. Kinda missing my girly girl, but I’m glad she’s having a good time.
8. Need to get cracking on short essays for seminary admissions application. Due in 2 weeks. eek!
8. Yep, that’s about it.


4 responses to “Hangin’ Round, Talking To Myself

  • freethinker777

    ryc: are the hungry being fed? are the naked being clothed? is the church demonstrating a message of good news or just preaching one? ask the people not in your church if your church was to disappear if they would care. is the widow and orphan being taken care of? how about racial reconciliation? what is being done to address injustice of our systems that oppress minorities through housing, employment, and education? how about our friends in africa?how does your church spend money? flat screens? buildings? church staff? does your church add to the consumerism of the culture or stand against it?how about honesty and transparency? could you tell me the sins your pastor struggles with? what about the sins of the people around you? if i walked in dressed as a woman and confessed i was a homosexual, how safe would i feel? when was the last time the church just had a conversation instead of a show? how often do you see the people in your church? how well do you know them?the kingdom is not a mission trip. and it’s not a service. it’s not an organization. so perhaps your church is demonstrating the kingdom. let’s hope all those questions are easily answered as you read through them. the reality is most churches wouldn’t have answers to even half of them. they’re not even on their radar.

  • freethinker777

    the questions were more rhetorical. but thanks for answering them anyway. sounds like they’re doing good stuff. you think your church is the norm? i don’t.yet i think you recognize that even in your church there’s tons more that can be done. a sinner should feel very welcomed and safe in any church… seeing how that’s all of us. and i question whether we need buildings, etc. when people are starving to death today. but that’s just my 2 cents.

  • curtin_severn

    oh! i thought maybe i would get lucky early. but that rarely happens. still, i am optimistic.

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