My iGoogle soapbox for yesterday:
Tolerance isn’t tolerance if you feel intolerance for intolerant people. (i.e. hating Rush Limbaugh for being intolerant makes me intolerant and abolishes my argument that I am a tolerant person.)

It’s apropos of nothing, but I didn’t want to lose it when I changed my soapbox.


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  • RegularGoy

    Being “tolerant” doesn’t mean you have to be tolerant of everything or that tolerance must be your principle virtue. Any virtue, taken out of balance with other virtues, can become a vice–you can be too honest, too compassionate, too courageous. I’m not tolerant of hatred, violence, and willfull ignorance because those things violate other ideals that I hold dear.
    I don’t think that tolerance has to mean unconditional acceptance of everything. Tolerance means giving people and ideas that you don’t understand the benefit of the doubt. It does NOT mean not taking a stand against ideas which are plainly evil.

  • Chicken_Pax

    ryc: I am incredibly envious of your wonderful music experiences, chemically-enhanced or no. 🙂

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