Goals MET of the goals SET yesterday…. 4/8.  Practical goals met regarding mother’s day cards and seminary application: 0/2. Ooops.

I partially didn’t get much done because I made a new Xanga acquaintance and promptly decided I needed to read her entire blog. She’s been posting since 2005 (that 2004 post so didn’t count) and is a frequent poster (unlike me) so it took QUITE some time to read blogs and comments. I gave up on reading the majority of the comments after yesterday. I only have so much time to appear to be working yet not actually be working. I had to get SOME important things done like: filing, opening and stamping the mail, chatting with my husband, going out to lunch with my co-worker, etc.  She’s a beautiful soul, really you are Nikki.  You know in the future we won’t have to write our memoirs because they will already have been written on blogs. I read hers and it was full of some beautiful writing, lots of soul searching, bad dates, bad jobs, falling in love, good jobs, existential crisis (take note Heather!), family drama, tragedy, new directions, and is currently smack-dab in the middle of “what next?” for … pretty much everything. And she reminded me that following Jesus is about a passionate love relationship with a radical thinker and not about “being a Christian”. Those of you who read this often know I’m not your “follow-all-the-rules” kind of person to begin with, but she makes me want to go and DO things and BE someone who really makes a difference instead of just rhetorically arguing that “I’m not your average Christian” but doing nothing.


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  • aledawithwings

    You are seriously the first person to ever read my entire blog since I met my husband! I’m sort of flattered. Now would be the perfect time for you to ask me on a date incase you were interested *wink wink*.
    I’m so glad we’re becoming xanga-buds.

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