My big plans for watching as much as possible of Season One and Two of LOST were stymied by two things:

1. The requirement to do SOMETHING else besides that. Eat, go to store, hang out with hubby, sleep, etc.

2. I hadn’t seen very much of Season One it turns out. So I barely could skip ahead at all! Though I did figure out how to not watch the “Previously on LOST” section and a few other shortcuts.  I still have to watch the last disc of One, maybe tomorrow night. Then it’s on to Season Two as soon as I can carve out a large chunk of time. However, I’ve watched quite a bit of Season 2 I’m perfectly sure, because I know a lot of what happened. I might have to watch all of it anyway though because it’s just such a fascinating plot of twists and turns and this relating to that, and Ohhhhhhhhh that’s what that was abouts, and so on.

It seriously makes me tense though, watching it… I decided it’s the music and sound effects, not the action on screen. I know it’s designed to do that and all, but let me tell ya, it’s working! I have anxiety issues anyway, so I can get totally creeped out pretty easily. You should see me jump when someone makes a noise when i’m not expecting one, or a loud noise suddenly. Whoooo boy!


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  • rockininkslinger

    As I was reading this, one of my co-workers walked in my office and I jumped like I was in a haunted house!  It’s funny how some people are more jumpy than others…

  • Circus_of_Redemption

    Can I just tell you that I am the biggest LOST fan? I got hooked by watching the DVDs too. I was out of the country when the first season aired so I caught up later and now, I am a super dork about it. I’m glad we are friends.

  • Carpus06

    Have season 1 and 2 on dvd and am currently trying to figure out season 3 which is now showing on UK tv. But *groans* I’m still so damn confused at to what the heck is going on.

  • curtin_severn

    i am ultimately jumpy. it is ridiculous. even when someone is already right in front of me i can get startled when they speak or touch me. i think it is ptsd related. for me.

  • kyle061685

    Hey there, I am just leaving some comments on some people’s sites. Its just cool to talk to new people. I live right outside of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Currently I’m going to college taking business courses. I want to do something in marketing, management or consulting. Eventually owning my own businesses would also be cool.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that Lost show before. I don’t get around too watching much t.v. though. I like Without a Trace and CSI and shows like that, but I hardly ever get around too watching them. With movies though I have sometimes gone out of sync with the order. I saw the 2nd Matrix, but not the first or the 3rd. I saw the newest Fast and the Furious movies but not the first two. And I saw the 3rd X-men movie, but not the first two. Oh well I still end up enjoying the movies.
    I am sure you will get around to watching the first season soon enough….. who knows by than it might not be that interesting if you’ve seen most of the 2nd season. Anyways feel free to leave a comment on my site if you want, its always cool to get more comments. Have a great day.

  • RegularGoy

    RYC: That’s Willy St to a tee–membership numbers, fellowship, couches, a little organic cafe, tabs, etc. Madison really wants to be Berkeley with better beer, you know.

  • mandalei11

    Thanks for the welcome šŸ™‚  I’m working on settling in and finding it harder and not as scary as I had expected.  Eh, it is what it is.  Thanks again!

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