A LOST Weekend

Yep! My BIG plans for the weekend are lounging on my couch watching as much of the 1st and 2nd seasons of LOST as I can get through! I have seen large portions of the shows because everyone in my house has sat down to watch them at one point or another so that is 4 times already that they’ve played all the way through (at least Season One). So I’m going to watch it and fast forward through the parts i’ve watched and hopefully get through many more than i should logically be able to see in one weekend. We’ll see. I was super resistant to watching this show because “I hate TV” and I don’t want to be tied to watching something every week or missing out and not getting to see what happened. BUT…. now we have DVR and we can watch whatever we want whenever we want, so that is great! Now I can watch LOST, and What Not To Wear, and Dirty Jobs, and DIY shows on houses and such and ignore the rest! Well, if no one else lived in my house I could ignore the rest. Sadly, I have to sit through several shows I really dislike sometimes, or listen to them anyway. Either that, or be disappointing people by hiding in my cave.

I think I’m coming down with a cold. My throat and ears hurt and i have a headache and just feel kinda “foggy”.  SUCKS! I just took two days off of work due to extreme fatigue and headache and achiness all over, I can’t afford to get sick more!

Also, I bought my sewing machine! Hurrah for credit cards! (See Amy, I’m not fiscally responsible either…) Now  I can shorten my stupid pajama bottoms and jeans and trousers and skirts and curtains and repair some skirts! F I N A L L Y!  And, my kids pajamas too. I’m sick to death of watching my youngest walk on her pants because they are too long. They just don’t really make clothing for women under 5’2″ tall… in fact it’s very difficult to find even that short, and she’s 4’11” and no one knows if she’ll get taller. Her older sister and their mom and their dad (my husband) are alllll shorties (and me as well) so nothing EVER fits correctly from the store.

Xanga is cool. I started using it to kinda check-in with my oldest daughter. One person read her site because she saw we lived in the same area, and so I began to read her site.  Then, I started reading some other sites from Xanga groups (like.. Liberal Christians, Parents are People, groups about reading and writing, stuff like that) and I started to read a couple of sites. Then, from their sites, I’ve gotten to know other people I now talk to or read up on regularly and they read my sites, and they have begun to read the sites of the people that I read apart from them. It’s just so cool to see how the networks branch out and overlap!! I love getting to know new people that are interesting and funny and know things about stuff that I don’t know about (Ancient Hebrew for instance) and interacting with them and seeing them interact with each other. Very cool. It’s a good thing we didn’t have the Internet when I was a teenager though. I might never have graduated from High School.  (Homework? What’s that?)

And lastly, my computer is working properly again… new video card and new power supply to run the beefy new video card, and I am SET! w00t!!! I can play WoW again!!!!! I was getting all jittery and stuff! (just kidding.)

p.s. My husband rocks! Yep! He does 😀


4 responses to “A LOST Weekend

  • RegularGoy

    The internet is revolutionizing how we interact. Think about this: throughout human history, interaction has been limited by geographical region. You can’t just be friends with people who share your interests and passions–they also have to live around you. WHich is why people from distinctive regions take on regional characteristics. But now, you can find people all over the world who already share what you love. I think it will continue to cause a shift in how we understand the tribes that we belong to.

  • curtin_severn

    jah yes. i love being acknowledged in a very anonymous way. cool.the season of lost floored me. you probably remember. be careful or the dvr will suck out your ambition. (not like i know. i don’t even have cable anymore. or dsl. we are currently “borrowing” someone else’s internet. how’s that for fiscally responsible?)

  • rockininkslinger

    I love our DVR too.  It’s a dangerous thing, though, because now there’s always something I want to watch!

  • eyemachine

    naked = cold. thus I “wear” a blankie all day. kthxbai

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