Tagged by the “weird” meme…

I’ve been tagged by Regulargoy, generally because he was running out of people who hadn’t already done this viral survey. Oh right, meme. A word I’d only heard used in linguistics class or in reference to linguistics until today. Learn something new everyday…

So, i’m supposed to write 6 weird things about myself and then tag 6 people and the people who have been tagged by me are supposed to go and do the same thing. It’s highly doubtful that I have 6 friends on Xanga that haven’t been tagged, but I’ll see what i can do. Whose definition of weird should I use? Ha! Obviously I don’t think the things I do are that weird. Ok, here we go…

  1. I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 1970’s, and we lived about 2 or 3 blocks from People’s Park back in the day. If you are familiar with the cultural history of Berkeley and People’s Park in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this will explain a lot about me. Haha! If you aren’t, the information is on those links, but I’m not sure they adequately explain the complete insanity of growing up there. I see little mention of hippies dancing around naked, stoned off their asses on weed and acid. Some memories just never go away . I’m not sure it’s actually weird that I grew up there as much as growing up there has made me kind of weird myself.
  2. My second toes on my feet are longer than my big toes. SOMEONE (my husband) tells me that I’m deformed, but I think it’s normal. Also, on my hands my middle fingers bend slightly at the end toward my ring fingers. I don’t know if they are crooked or if that’s common. I think it’s weird though.
  3. This won’t seem weird to Xangans or Internet-chatters in general, but the vast majority of the people I call my friends I met online. Including my husband. This is apparently weird to most of the people I meet in “real life”.
  4. My sacrum did not completely fuse the way it is supposed to on my right side, so I’m given to my lower back getting out of whack frequently, and lots of lower back discomfort. Basically my upper pelvis has a little too much motion. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)
  5. I dislike talking on the phone and I put off calling people that I should call. Basically if you don’t have an internet chat program, you’ll never hear from me; unless you are related, in which case you might hear from me every few months for closer members and maybe once a year for those further removed. Although, I do have a cell phone now, so I call my mom to check on her. She’s getting older and more confused every year.
  6. I pretty much hate watching TV unless I’m watching a show that teaches me something. I love watching TLC, HGTV, and The Discovery Channel,  My favorite shows are What Not To Wear & Mythbusters. My guilty favorite is America’s Next Top Model because I love seeing the process of the photo shoots and making my own calls on who should win or who should leave. My daughters love watching these shows too, so we like to do that together and get snarky about the things people do and the things people wear. My husband likes to watch them too, but he only watches them because we do.

Hmmm….. tagging: eyemachine, curtin_severn, headtomyheart, trnunes, I just ran out of people I “think” haven’t done this. And that’s not to say they haven’t been tagged, but that they haven’t given in to the inherent idiocy, yet strangely fascinating aspect, of these sorts of things.


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