You know, I don’t read Xanga for a day and a half and it takes me 2+ hours just to catch up on my reading. Jeez! I signed in to post and is just now happening and I’m wondering if I remember what I was going to post about anywho.

Hubby and I had a whizbang conversation today about the asshat belligerent teenaged boy that lives in my house and drives me nuts. I use the word conversation loosely here. “What do you want me to do about it? There is nothing I can think of that would work” seems to be a common theme on his part. Aargh!

Hubby and I had a big ol’ fight Monday night because he got drunk. That’s a lot of fun too! On Saturday morning (after he got drunk Friday night) I told him that the next time he got that drunk one of us was going to have to sleep on the couch, because his sleeptalking triples or more when he drinks. I just about strangled him Friday night/ Saturday morning about 2:30 a.m. So Monday night I said, ok, well one of us has to sleep on the couch, because I have to be able to sleep on a work night. I shouldn’t say we had a big ol’ fight really… I think I was the only one fighting. But, I was doing enough crying and arguing for 2 or 3 of us. He swore he only had two drinks and in the end I let him sleep in the bed (though he was disgustingly willing to sleep on the couch if it would help me) and there wasn’t a problem. I kind of hate it when he gets all reasonable while I’m getting all emotional.

Today he is having his first ever individual therapy session with a counselor. I’m really praying that it will be a help for him. This self-medicating, defeatist thing has GOT TO GO!!

Today I got an acupuncture treatment for stress and my nervous system. The whole thing feels out of whack and I just needed the junk vaccuumed out. Can’t find my center with all the debris in the way. Felt WAY better afterwards. My face actually LOOKED relaxed. I have another appointment next Wednesday and then a massage on the Saturday following that.

The decision to start attending church again was TOTALLY the right decision, but dang it’s hard to make myself get up on Sunday morning >.<. I am just NOT a morning person. Also, my small group (Lifegroup) has started back up again after our summer hiatus, and that is a lifesaver. I feel like the rope tow has been tossed out and I’ve got a grip on it and I’m getting pulled back up to a safe and dry place. My friend says she’s been praying for me to come back to church, and I swear a couple of weeks ago I could feel it. I could just hear God saying to my heart, “come back, I miss your presence here, you are straying away from the path I have for you, come and let us worship together”. So I did. And, it feels good.

Speaking of church, I got an email the other day from a friend with this in it:
We pray because we realize that, at the core of who we are, we are incomplete. We have been created to be in touch not only with the natural, but with the supernatural. There is that longing for the divine.
–Richard Peace, professor of spiritual formation at Fuller Theological Seminary

So, prayerfully, I say goodnight and God bless you.


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