Trust is a gift, try not to break it.

I didn’t write this, and I don’t know if I agree with it 100%, but ….. it’s an ideal to pursue I guess.

Ingredients Of A Healthy Relationship

1. Realism

In healthy relationships no emotions, problems or issues are denied, ignored or avoided from being discussed. Everything is open, honest and based on reality.

2. Honesty
Relationships are built on trust. Trust comes from truth. There is no place for secrets or dishonesty. Lies, denials and secrets break trust. Mending of broken trust is not easy. Enduring growing relationships are created by truth.

3. Friendship
The basis of all relationship is friendship. This includes relationship between spouses, parent and child, lovers, friends. Without friendship, even passionate romance cannot endure because the risk to use each other then becomes exploitation.

4. Security
Everyone needs at least one true friendship (relationship) to feel safe and secure. Love is the key to true security in relationships. Insecurity is fear, and “perfect love casts out fear” according to 1 John 4:18.

5. Vulnerability
Relationships die where there is cautious and guarded wariness. Relationships can grow where there is freedom to be vulnerable. This requires trust and confidence that our hurts, dreams, secrets are safely kept by another. Then we can disclose our deepest selves without fear.

Each of these ingredients is intertwined with the other. Realistic, open, true relationships are honest. Honesty fosters trust. Trust results in security – lack of fear- love, which allows freedom for vulnerability.


2 responses to “Trust is a gift, try not to break it.

  • Spying_Mom

    Good reading…one can take a lot away from that.
    Hey guess what?

    YEAH…I am a dork…but you knew that!

  • curtin_severn

    so, thank you. i didn’t read your suggestions until now so they were not taken. i cleaned the whole house and did all of the laundry. my house is so clean i just want to never leave it. i feel so much better when it is clean. so, weird, but earlier you mentioned something about your step daughter who reads your blogs and i read something about chantalle having a step mom….are you her step mom? either way i am sad she has the flu.

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