You’re just too sensitive! blah blah blah – I’ve heard it all

And the wind cries Mary…

WTB [New Job] for Plum, PST!

I love the  s.i.l.e.n.c.e.  and   s.t.i.l.l.n.e.s.s.   in the middle of the night in my house. (At least, when everyone has gone to bed before me.) My computer is actually noisy enough to be white noise that covers any sounds from the house or cars outside. It’s like a blanket has been thrown over the house, muffling any sounds other than my own. I know, I’m neurotic about noise. I hate it! It grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard sometimes. Unless it’s my noise… like, my music, my game, my typing, my talking and laughing, etc… that doesn’t bother me. Actually, laughing almost never bothers me except when it’s directed at someone demeaningly. But yeah, other people’s noise = annoying. I’m what is called a “highly sensitive person” because noise bothers me, textures bother me, light bothers me, sounds startle me. The list below basically describes me 100%.

Here are the questions that *determine* if you are highly sensitive:
? Do you get overwhelmed by stimuli such as lights, noises, and smells?
? Do other people’s moods and emotions deeply affect you?
? Are you easily startled?
? Do you become uneasy when someone is watching you complete a task?
? Do you become tired easily after a “normal” day of activity?
? Are you aware of other things in your environment that most other people are not aware of?
? Do you become agitated or anxious when you have a lot of tasks to do and not enough time to complete all of them?
? Do you avoid disturbing or violent movies, books, or T.V. shows?
? Do you feel the need to escape and retreat when there is too much going on around you?
? Do you dislike changes in your life?
? Do you enjoy delicate tastes, scents, sounds, soft fabrics, or beautiful works of art?
? Have you always been labeled as shy or sensitive by other people?
? Are you overly perfectionist/conscientious?
? Do you seem to be more sensitive to pain than other people?
? Are you sensitive to certain foods such as foods containing caffeine, sugar or alcohol?
? Do you become unpleasant when you are hungry?
? Do you easily sense the energies of places or situations?
? Are you easily touched by others’ experience, stories of kindness, and courage?
? Are you attracted to the deeper things such as spirituality, self-development and philosophy?
? Do you need time alone to recover from overwhelm or over-stimulation.?
? Are your feelings easily bruised?
? Do you have a vivid imagination?
? Are you aware that other people’s moods affect you?
? Do you become uncomfortable around loud noise or bright lights?
? Do you get rattled when too much is being asked of you?
? Do you often worry excessively?

Basically, my nervous system is not suited for any sort of corporate office job. It’s no wonder I want to be a massage therapist. I was right the first time I studied it and got sidetracked by the job that gave me the money I needed to survive. Most massage practices in our culture are in relaxing environments. Quiet, soft lighting, relaxing music, a healing and empathic environment. I so need it!


2 responses to “You’re just too sensitive! blah blah blah – I’ve heard it all

  • nadia_mt

    Hi there, i was browsing through xanga & happened upon ur site…I am a bit like you, i cant really stand loud noises…i love my silence & the stillness of the night when everyone is bed….i hope u’re having a great day…take care. 🙂

  • aledawithwings

    Hey! You posted this the day of my wedding!
    Also, I needed to say – I am studying massage therapy. And I kind of like it.
    I also fit the bill as far as the highly sensitive goes.
    But I’ve discovered people come in very stressed and emotional wrecks. It kind of absorbs I think.

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