Finally, movement!!  We have decisions and goals and forward movement and lists and I’m so excited. CA will not attend the high school diploma program at the community college because while it looks like a fantastic program for disaffected kids who never did well in school, it is not the place for her. So, she will get her GED and GET ON WITH LIFE! Get into the community college for her AA, take business classes, do homework, ride her bike, get her license, meet new people, get a better job maybe. It’s time to stop isolating and crying and sleeping and waiting for life to happen. I always thought life would just happen to me, but guess what, it doesn’t. Too bad I figured that out at 40 instead of 17.

Maybe I need to take the same tack….. what would i need to do to get on with my life?  Go to school? Sit down and figure out what i want to be when i grow up? figure out financing for school or whatever else? God, it’s awful to consider, but so is this life stretching into infinity like this. Not that I hate my life… I don’t. But, maybe someday I’ll have a job that moves me. Something with passion to it.

That should be our new motto: GET ON WITH LIFE : GOWL… pretty awful! I might have to come up with something better. hehe put an R in there… GROWL. Let’s see… GET RIGHT ON WITH LIFE…. GET RADICALLY ON WITH LIFE… haha…..doesn’t really do it for me.

The point is, let’s stop stagnating.



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