Last night I weighed in at Weight Watchers: down 3.4 lbs, for a total weight loss of 9.4. Do you think I was bothered by that little .6 that would have brought me to a total of 10 lbs lost? You bet your bippy I was!! Oh well. Slow and steady finishes the course eventually.

In the time honored tradition of almost every successful WWer I know, I went out and treated myself to a dinner I wouldn’t normally eat. I’ve just weighed in, I have all week to be good. This dinner wasn’t exactly out of bounds in the way I normally roll, but I went to Quiznos and got the black and bleu chopped salad with flatbread…. AND a chocolate chunk cookie. It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! When I was younger and did WW with my next door neighbor, we would go every week to our meeting on Tuesday nights, then we’d meet up with my boyfriend and her husband for dinner at Chili’s. I had the same thing every week because I LOVED it so much! Fajitas with plenty of cheese and sour cream, and a margarita. Completely off target in the diet area, but fully satisfying and it made the rest of the week go so much easier. This time with my mental focus a lot more on “What is good for my body?” instead of “what can i get away with eating?”, it’s actually much easier from the get go. But I do need some treats now and again, so I got the cookie, and I didn’t waste a single moment on guilt and just completely enjoyed the whole thing. I DID immediately notice AFTER eating the entire cookie that it gave me a sugar headache or something. I think I would have been better off eating half of it and giving the other half to my husband. But if I’d given him half to begin with I’m sure I would have felt deprived, because “i might want the whole thing!”. Next time, I’ll think about that, and consider it.

I have more songs, or poems, not sure which, germinating in my head.  We’ll see.


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