I need a new body, this one’s broken.

I’m sick with a bad cold. John got it a few days before me. So, we’re home together. He made yummy pancakes for me this morning. For me and the kids really, but James wasn’t up so he didn’t get any. In fact he has only just emerged from his cave. It is currently 12:55, so I’d say it was about 12:30.  When I woke up last night at 2am I suggested to both kids (14 and 16) that it was getting late and they should get to sleep.  When I got up again at 4am, the house was definitely quiet in that way that suggests no one else is awake. I love that quiet.

So, we’ve spent the last few days watching movies mostly. All but one I would never have watched if I hadn’t moved my computer into the living room recently to hang out with John.

  1. Lifeforce – SO, SO, SO HORRIBLE, that it was kind of fantastic. Outer-space vampires, zombies, bad acting, worse acting. Patrick Stewart was in it. I’m guessing he doesn’t list this first on his resume’.
  2. The Haunting (The remake, not the 1940’s version).  I could never have watched this if i hadn’t been paying half attention to my computer while it was on, so i couldn’t get caught up in the scary stuff. Big names in this movie: Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson, and Lili Taylor. Special effects were fun. Storyline was semi-plausible. Overall, however, it was quite ridiculous.
  3. Eight Below – I need a Siberian Husky now. SOOOOOO cute of a movie.It’s a Disney family flick, and I’m just a sucker for any movie about cute animals surviving on their own. I need to own this one.  Note to self: put on Amazon wishlist. (This is the one I got from Netflix for me to watch.)
  4. Million-Dollar Baby – Boxing movie? ugh. BUT, i was wrong. It was freaking AWESOME. Oh man i cried though.
  5. The Constant Gardener – Amazing movie (so far – it’s on right now) GREAT storyline. My fears come to life though. Were I brave enough, no doubt I’d be getting myself killed too. Oh, more crying. Now I see why all the fuss was made over this movie. Really well made, and difficult to watch because we know that it’s true in the real world, not Dypraxa, but other things.  Africans (and others from third world countries) are slaughtered by the greed of European countries, and it’s all “regrettable” and whistleblowers get killed, which is also “regrettable”. Do we care? Yes of course we care, but we as individuals are paralyzed by our powerlessness, unable to do much more than possibly “get involved”. And even as groups, large groups, there is still a powerlessness embedded in the fight, because the rich and powerful are above the law and can buy people off for a small sum to them. I don’t know all of that as fact, but I know it in the same way that I know I am not in charge of the company I work for, someone else is. I can take it or leave it, i can even change it, but I can’t direct it. I can’t change the mindset of the leaders. Fortunately, I work for a good company, and their work is all geared toward helping and not harming. Thank God.

Back to resting. I only have so many sick days you know. Got to get better!!


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