It’s supposed to get to 80F here today. 8-0!!!!

So yesterday I got blinded by sunlight (a big problem in Oregon apparently, the first place I’ve ever heard of that has traffic jams due to sun) and had to buy some sunglasses.
They kill me! I look like I’m trying to channel Jackie Onassis! Who knew enormous sunglasses would ever come back in style? The plus side is a) they are very comfortable, and b) they fully cover my eye area so I don’t have bright light coming in from the sides or whatever. I think I look quite chic in them! hahaha!

And, since we have a hot tub, and are filling it back up this weekend, I realized I need a new swimsuit and ended up with this:
L07-27213 NAV copy
Which I think is just so cute!! Put together I look very retro… heehee. Wasn’t my plan, but there ya go, that must be what’s in style because that’s what is available. 🙂


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