In the last two years:

  1. We needed a twin-size mattress for my younger daughter since she was moving in and we didn’t want her to have to sleep on the old hard bunkbed mattress every night. We couldn’t afford one. I fretted. Our next door neighbor called me up without knowing about that and asked if we could use an old twin mattress they were replacing with a full size. YES, PLEASE!
  2. Our oldest daughter crashed my husband’s car in a driving lesson. (No one was hurt) We needed a new vehicle. The totaled car was only valued at a couple of thousand dollars due to very high mileage from my husband’s job, so we didn’t get much money for the totaled value. What we really needed with 3 teenagers was a minivan. We couldn’t really afford one that I felt confident about not breaking down. I fretted. Our families gave us (and loaned some) several thousand dollars altogether; MUCH, MUCH more than we had hoped they could help us out. This allowed us to buy the much-needed minivan…. a 2000 Honda Odyssey! It has everything I wanted and more, for instance: captain’s chairs in the middle so no teenagers have to actually touch, a GPS system that I never even considered as a possibility, and a previous owner that took meticulous care of it! YES, PLEASE! 
  3. My husband used to play games on his computer to the exclusion of pretty much all else. His kids moved in. I needed him to stop this addiction to help take care of them. I fretted. A LOT! It took a long time (2+ years) and a complete change of heart for him, but he no longer plays games much at all, mostly only to play World of Warcraft with me if I ask. Would I like a husband who wants to spend time with me and with his kids? Would I like a husband who likes to cook and is concerned with how the house is decorated and how the yard looks?  YES, PLEASE!
  4. We’ve always been renters since we’ve been together. (10 years later this year) I didn’t think we could afford to buy a house pretty much ever. My husband was more confident. I didn’t think we could get a loan or a downpayment. I fretted. My mom offered to loan us a downpayment if we wanted to buy a house. We found a GREAT house that I love the first weekend we began to look and moved in a month later. YES, PLEASE!
  5. I really was hoping we could get a china cabinet when we bought new furniture for the house, because my mom gave me her lovely Lenox china last year when she moved here from California. The day after I was discussing my sad realization that it wasn’t going to be possible due to the cost, our realtor called and asked if we wanted one. The seller wanted to give us one to thank us for being gracious to her during the transaction of purchasing her home. YES, PLEASE!
  6. We have 3 computers in our family room, and some bookshelves. The computers are on ugly folding tables (you know, banquet tables without the tablecloths). I have been really wishing we could get at least one computer desk to dress it up a little. We have been on the lookout for a few months, whenever we go to the office supply stores, big-box stores, etc. So far, nothing. I fretted. Last week we got an email asking if we had use for a computer desk that was being replaced, with a picture of just what I had been looking for because it has nice cherrywood coloring that will match the majority of our new furniture. YES, PLEASE!
  7. The one thing I DON’T love about my new house is the lack of cabinet space in the kitchen, with no pantry. So I had recently begun looking for an inexpensive cabinet to put next to our refrigerator where the room becomes the family room, and next to where the new computer desk will be going. Discovered it was basically impossible to find inexpensive AND decent looking. I fretted. A few days after the email regarding the desk arrived, a new email arrived. Did we have a use for the cabinet/armoire that had been shipped accidentally to the same people giving us the computer desk? It was supposed to be their new computer desk and the wrong thing was shipped. There was some damage in shipping so the company didn’t want it back and told them to keep it. It’s the PERFECT size for a pantry. Over 5′ tall and nice deep shelves, two of which are adjustable. Also, it’s cherrywood color! YES PLEASE!

AND, THANK YOU!!!!!  I happen to believe that God answers prayers…

p.s.  This cd kicks ass!


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