Five Things I Appreciate About John

Homework Time!

Boy, picking 5 positive aspects of John is tough. The list is long and at one moment he is many, many of them, and at another moment, he’s none of them. And some of the aspects on here are not positive to ME, though they are generally positive words. Such as, Totally Silly. He annoys me then. But, enough of that.

First, all of the words I picked:
1. Loving
2. Intelligent
3. Generous
4. Loyal
5. Supportive
6. Affectionate
7. Organized
8. Committed
9. Involved
10. Reserved
11. Sweet
12. Shy

To pick 5 of those…..  Committed for sure, Affectionate, Generous, Supportive, and …….. Intelligent.

Committed – John has proved to me that he is committed to our marriage and to doing what it takes to make it a great marriage. His willingness, and in fact eagerness, to attend counseling sessions with me, his attendance and studiousness at marriage conferences, his renewed drive to attend church and our small group together all prove to me that he is very committed to our marriage.  His follow-through on avoiding pornography is gratifying, his interest in spending time with me and not out with the guys is sincere, and his desire for me tells me that I’m sexy and that feels good.

Affectionate – John is affectionate with me both physically and verbally. He tells me that he loves me and tells me that I’m beautiful, he calls me lots of different pet names, he holds hands with me when we are out sometimes, he puts his arm around me at gatherings, he seeks to please me by asking me what I want to do and by asking me to choose entertainment and restaurants.

Generous – I appreciate John’s generosity to his kids and to me. When we go out for dinner he wants everyone to get what they want so that everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves and gets a treat, instead of watching the pennies as I usually do. This is a very generous mind-set.

Supportive – When I decide I want to do something, John is always supportive of my efforts or even just my thought process on something if he feels it is a realistic goal.

Intelligent – John has an intelligent mind and uses it in his job and in his leadership.


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