A list of no apparent connections

  1. Life is crazy sometimes.

  2. People are beautiful and annoying as hell.

  3. I haven’t been late to work in 2 or 3 weeks and I’m proud as all get out about it.

  4. I dig Jesus AND I like and respect Melissa. So there!
  5. My youngest daughter apparently walked away mad last night because her dad tried to tell her she was making the mashed potatoes without cooking the potatoes enough. wth?

  6. I had Tree25 listen to one of my pastor’s sermons and she hasn’t said anything to me since….  Coincidence? I hope so.
  7. Listening to Bebo Norman last night really helped to chill me out. I love his voice.

  8. I’m trying to give up (at least temporarily) sugar, caffeine, and overly fatty foods in order to prepare my body for some type of modified fast. This is making me understandably a little grumpy. It is also making me feel rather grand for resisting temptation.
  9. I’m going to see a new counselor tomorrow night and I’m a little bit nervous. New counselors always want to hear all your old shit, and you know, how many times can one stand to go over it all again and again.

  10. I absolutely love the feeling I get from sitting in my little cozy corner sanctuary of my room, listening to music, playing on the computer, having the cat rubbing against my legs, and chilling out from all the stress.
  11. I had something, but I forgot it. Now, I got nothing. I hate that. So, there is no random number 11 statement today.


5 responses to “A list of no apparent connections

  • tree25

    coincidence, i promise much more an effect of the fact that a) i haven’t had time to listen all the way through yet and b) if i haven’t had time to listen, i DEFINITELY haven’t had time to chat!! don’t take it personally…sometimes i’m on gmail because my co-workers are, and all i have time for is the work related stuff we have to deal with. i promise, i’m not going anywhere just because we might differ a little theologically

  • RegularGoy

    A lot of my friends–good, credible friends–recommend Bebo Norman to me. I’ll have to check him out.

  • Spying_Mom

    Haven’t talked in a bit! hope you are trucking along and the house stuff is all setteled in!
    I am sending virtual ice cream to tempt your from your sugar goals…I don’t want to fall off the wagon by myself…gonna drag as many people as I can off their Resolution tracks…muuuuuuhaaaaawwwwwhaaaawww!!

  • curtin_severn

    i am going to a church tomorrow!

  • rockininkslinger

    1) Continuum is a great album.
    2) Bebo Norman chills me out too (my favorite song of his is “The Man Inside”)
    3) Is the sacrifice of sugar, caffeine and fat a Lent fast?

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