We’re gonna need a bigger box…

Becauuuuse, God doesn’t fit in any of these little boxes I can find. Even the box that the TV came in… that box is WAYYYY too small.

I find it soooo hard to let myself trust in God, but in giving my thoughts to others, the words just flow out without my having to think of what to say, like a conduit. And no, it’s not a learned thing, because sometimes I say things that I didn’t even know until I said them… or typed them.

So, whatever box you have put God into…. trust me, He doesn’t fit. He’s way way bigger than you think. He keeps blowing my socks off when I turn around and find that he has once again popped out of that box I thought I had him in, and BAM … I need a bigger box.

PLUS, I think the Democrats are winning the elections! WAHOOOOOOOO! So, in your face GWB, you schmuck! I know we’re not supposed to hate people, but dang… I don’t think he counts, that would be like loving the Devil. And you know, that doesn’t really sound good.  To be avoided, I’m thinking…. just sayin.

p.s. I miss my husband.

p.p.s. My weekend at the coast by myself was FANTASTIC!!!!!!  Worth Every PENNY, twice over probably.  Talking is overrated.  Being alone to think without being “busy” so you don’t think…. priceless.


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