Today is Thursday. Thursdays are good days for various reasons.
1.  It’s almost Friday, so it’s almost the weekend.
2.  My husband comes home from his week at work.
3.  It’s usually a night that I pretty much can do whatever I want.
4.  I slept like a rock last night. That’s only for THIS Thursday, but whatever.

I’m also happy today because I am so excited about taking my first vacation in which I will be all alone. No family, no friends, no kids, no chores for two days. Just me and the ocean. God might show up too. Who knows?  I will be gone for two nights and then I will go home; renewed and refreshed I hope!

Tomorrow night I’m going to the coast and staying in a lovely hotel  in a room that has a big ocean view window and a porch that goes down to the Promenade above the beach. ere is a gas fireplace by the sitting area in front of the window. There is supposed to be rain and wind, mild storm, so not too many people running about on the Promenade. I am going to sit in my jammies and a big fluffy robe with slippers and look at the water and the waves and the sunset;  I will have my journal, my bible, some magazines, and a book about neuropsychology that is pretty fascinating, and maybe my knitting; I will eat a couple few of the free chocolate chip cookies that they home bake daily. I will drink some hot tea. I will go out for breakfast and find waffles, i will go out for dinner and find something yummy, maybe just clam chowder or maybe a steak or crab legs. In the evening I may drink some wine, or I might just go for water or some fancy sparkly juice stuff. I don’t have to decide what I want to do until I decide to do it, I don’t have to arrange meeting up with a friend, I don’t have to have the TV on because I hate the noise of it, I can listen to soft soothing music at whatever level I like, which could be JUST over conversational voice levels.  There will be no computer to keep me distracted and losing all hours of the day. I’ll take a nap. Maybe two.






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