sicky sick

Saturday — coughing, can feel it as congestion in my chest.
Saturday night — fever of 101.5, body hurts, breathing hurts
Sunday — more coughing, continued fever, entire body in pain, constantly out of breath.
Monday — fever gone, achiness somewhat gone, thankful no sore throat
Monday afternoon — fever back, body hurts again, sore throat kicking in from coughing myself raw, out of breath again.
Tuesday morning, continued fever (slight: 99.5), chest cavity hurts, i’m sure i have a rib out from coughing, throat is sore and raw, disgusting green stuff coming from my lungs. (Yippeee!) Going to the doctor at 3:15. My ears hurt too, and i’m having trouble breathing without big deep breaths every time.

in other words…. I’m sick, been sick, am sick, gonna be sick for a day or so more.

Hoping not to miss TOO much work. I have two days of sick time currently available, and today is day two i’ve been out. That means that tomorrow if i stay home i’m out on vacation time or time without pay. I think I’m out of vacation time too, so most likely time without pay. JOY.

I would like to take my body to the returns counter and get a new one, this one is broken.


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